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Private Tutor in Stockton, CA - San Joaquin County
Economics, Finance and Statistics Tutored by Former Professor




My schedule is very flexible, so I am available every day from 6 am - 8 pm EST.


$60 / hour


B.A. from Yale University

M.Phil and Ph.D from Columbia University

I am a semi-retired former professor with 20 years experience teaching at some of the top liberal arts colleges in the US with a BA from Yale and a PhD from Columbia University who will teach you Economics, Finance, Statistics or Econometrics.

All sessions are conducted using Zoom. I work through problems in a step-by-step fashion going at whatever pace with which you are comfortable.

Here is my website which has just a little bit more background information about me if you are interested:  https://rs-tutoring-services.webnode.page
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