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Private Tutor in Katonah, NY - Westchester County
Enthusiastic Bookworm, Polyglot, and Study Buddy




$5 / hour


John Jay High School Diploma - 3.7 GPA Lafayette College 2.5 years - 3.31 GPA University of Phoenix Online - Present   Accepted into Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society at Westchester Community College

Hello,   My name is Sam...(antha) and I am an avid learner who reads at least two books on any given day. I am a BS Psychology major at University of Phoenix Online. My main job is as a cashier at the Katonah A&P, thus I am a staple of the community.   As a tutor, my secret weapon is enthusiasm for learning. I am great with children, having had some mother's helping experience as an adolescent. I am as patient as they come. Being young, I can also relate to adolescents in learning and am very skilled in essay writing at the college level, as my schooling still requires me to do so.   English comprehension and language is my bread and butter. I can critical think like the best of them, dissect and analyze a book of substance to pull a thought provoking thesis that would entertain even the most insubordinate student.

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