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Private Tutor in Rye, NY - Westchester County  |  (914) 584-6917
Lessen School-Related Stress For Your Child


Most late afternoons and early evenings


$55 / hour


Bachelor of Science; Social Studies Education

MS Special Education, Reading, Elementary Ed and Special Education

Attended: University of Bridgeport, Lehman Collage and Manhattanville College

I am an experienced classroom teacher with nearly 30 years experience. I have worked with special education students in a resource setting, have done educational evaluations and have worked in a general classroom.

Over the years, I have accumulated much knowledge and understanding of children with "executive function" difficulties. These are children challenged with organizational skills and time management. These are issues that create great anxiety for both the child and the parents. Teachers are understanding and compensating more often than not. However, they are not available for homework and research support after school hours. This is a job for a tutor who can reduce the stress between parent and child.  As a tutor, I am also available to conference with your child's teacher so that we are all on the same page. I am also available to accompany you to meetings, when necessary.

I have certifications in reading, special education, K-6 and social studies. I have taken courses at Windward in the areas of Orton Gillingham and writing instruction.  I have experience with writer's workshop methodology and 6+1 writing traits. While I am not an ESL teacher, I have worked with students who have "tested out" of ESL and continue to need reading support.

Over the past three years, I have worked privately with ESL students who are here with their families who are on business assignments. Together, we have worked on English acquistion skills and the preparation to take exams in English in preparation for their retun to their native country. I have prepared Japanese students for Eiken exams, levels 3 through pre 1.

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