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Private Tutor in New City, NY - Rockland County
Highly Experienced Math Tutor in Rockland County, NY




Weekdays: After 3:00 pm

Weekends: Anytime


$45 / hour

I have over ten years of experience working with students of all ages and grade levels. I work with students with a wide range of difficulties and learning disabilities. I'm also proud to say that most of my students find me through simple "word-of-mouth".

My Approach

Short-Term: First, we'll focus on the immediate needs of the student - current material/topics, homework, study habits, upcoming exams, etc. The first priority is to improve grades.

Medium-Term: After a few sessions, I'll be able to determine what specific aspects are giving the student the most trouble (relating concepts/real-life applications to equations, recalling information learned in previous years, test anxiety, etc.). As I learn more about the student's strengths and weaknesses, I'll be able to determine which techniques are most effective for them specifically. The goal here is to guide the student and improve their overall learning and studying habits.

Long-Term: As we continue to recognize and adjust studying and mental habits, I then focus on teaching the student how they can identify which specific issues they're having, why they're having them, and how they can train themselves to overcome them on their own. My ultimate goal is to help the student learn how to teach themselves.

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