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Private Tutor in New York City, NY - New York County
Warm Neuroscientist for STEM, Writing and Test Prep Coaching!




Available all day and night for sessions!


$85 / hour


Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Franklin and Marshall College

Major: Neuroscience on the Pre-Medical Track

Minor: Chinese Language

A young neuroscience research professional with an interest in pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant. My research experiences range from Behavioral Neuroscience studies on substance addiction to Genetic Neuroscience studies on pediatric neuro-developmental diseases in Amish and Mennonite children. I am currently working as a molecular lab technician at the Friedman Brain Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital in the Upper East Side, Manhattan. I have a passion for science and math as well as connecting with children in teaching environments to encourage a love for academia!

In my free time, I volunteer for MiNDS (Mentoring in Neuroscience Discovery at Sinai). MiNDS is an outreach group of Mount Sinai scientists with an initiative that aims to ignite and nurture a passion for the brain throughout the Harlem community. Our program strives to make neuroscience education more engaging and accessible, to empower and inspire young students by extending mentoring resources to local East Harlem public schools. I have a passion for teaching as well as mentoring young minds!

Virtual sessions are also available to practice social distancing!

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