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Certified Math Teacher/Tutor Now Available Online!



Very flexible days & hours. Let's find out what works for you!


$75 / hour


Teaching Certificate from Washington state, secondary education in Math and English

B.A. degree in English Ed., Eastern Washington University

M.A. degree in Math & Computers Ed., Gonzaga University

Math Test Question:

What is the best way to get help for your math studies and gain confidence?

A.    Read the textbook again

B.     Ask a friend

C.     Watch a math video on YouTube

D.    Hire a face-to-face tutor

E.      *** Attend a live, online math session ***

If you are struggling in your math class, home schooling situation, or college training program, schedule a free introductory math session online with Terry VanNoy, Math Class with Terry V.

A classroom teacher for over 25 years, Terry’s online math sessions are personal and customized for your situation.  I work with you in real time, adapting my lessons to how you learn the best.  You work a problem on your computer screen, I talk you through it, and we practice together.  Flexible schedule: days, nights, weekends --- daily, weekly, biweekly.  Any time you need it!

No more feeling the frustration of reading a dry, flat, boring textbook; no more admitting to friends that you are struggling; no more searching for just the perfect video that matches your learning style; no more trying to match schedules with a tutor or learning center.

Elementary Math; Basic Skills



College Math


Home school Support


Test Prep


Adult Training Programs


Call Terry VanNoy today to schedule your first free session just to check it out!


email:     MathClassTerryV@gmail.com


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