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Private Tutor in White Plains, NY - Westchester County  |  (914) 222-2222
Private Tutor - Academics and Technology


After school hours available, summer hours available, weekends upon request


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Elementary Education K - 6

Deaf and Hearing Impaired K- 12

Special Education K - 12

School Administration K - 12


Greetings! My name is Ursula Heinrich.  Are you looking for a tutor for Orton-Gillingham? I can help your child. I am trained in Orton and Preventing Academic Failure. Want to give your child a preview of their next grade before September? I can help your child gain skills before attempting them in September. I am licensed in Elementary Education, Deaf and Hearing Impaired Education, and Special Education. I am trained in Junior Great Books, enVision Math, and Investigations Math. I am well versed in EngageNY Modules K-6.  

Will your child be taking the Independent School Entrance Exam?  I can get your child ready so they will feel confident and secure on the day of the exam.  Your child will have practice in all the areas of the test in ELA and Math. 

Has your school district changed their math curriculum to align with the Common Core? Let me help your child move from Investigations to enVisions or EngageNY. I have been trained by New York State for EngageNY.  

I am familiar with curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core Standards and will work closely with your child’s school.  Communication is key to success.  I can keep in touch with your child’s teacher(s), too. 

Does your child need organizational skills?  Help with projects? Test preparation?  I can assist in those areas.  Our goal can be to build upon the success of the student, thus improving and building upon the student’s confidence and self-esteem.  I want your child to become an independent learner.  


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