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Private Tutor Tips™
If a child loses his or her place during reading there is help.  A good way to help is to give them an index c [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
I would strongly suggest finding someone who is well versed in SAT essay writing.  Simple mistakes can lead to [...] Read More
Posted by Sam Lashlee
rather than learn & retain vocabulary using a list or flashcards...create a foldable...there are many resources [...] Read More
Posted by Lauren Ackerman
Use My Tutor Net to create a network within our Network for Lifelong Learners.  The following are points to co [...] Read More
Another way to help a child understand and comprehend what he or she is reading is by having them read and then at [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
A good way to help and reinforce math for a child is to play games with them and follow up with a reading about the [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy