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The Relational Inhibition Myth
April 14, 2015 by Joel Crandall  | 

The Relational Inhibition Myth


Seems many are having difficulty grasping this concept and with good reason.  Its a Myth.  


IF you are doing “muscle” to “muscle” testing (which I consider the lowest on the totem pole of AK) Then you will be confused, frustrated an chasing your tail.


The fact that you found 23 muscles to one dysfunction should have been your first clue that the relational inhibition in GLOBAL.  There are No relational patterns


Now, If you Choose to use Relational Inhibition as an indicator thats a different story.  This would be where you test a “movement” under a specific directional load to challenge the movement.  Then you can use ANY indicator “muscle” test to determine if the Joint could handle the load placed upon it.  That is ALL you are testing- can the joint handle the load.


For example if I am testing internal rotation of Humerus in forward flexion, elbow both at around 85 degrees (Like Arm wrestling) and I resist just the internal rotation of the shoulder, then I can Test whatever indicator muscle that was strong in the clear.  If the “Muscle” test “fails” it tells you the Joint is dysfunctional under that particular directional load.  However, is NOT telling you where the dysfunction is located :)


That is all. Carry On