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Test Taking Strategies that Work
October 4, 2008 by Luciana DiGiacomo  | 

Always read directions carefully.

Never spend too much time on any one question because you may limit the time you have to complete the whole test/exam.

Always use the "Process of Elimination" strategy.     Read all the choices first and eliminate those that you know for sure could not possibly be the answer.   Choose the best answer from the ones remaining.

Always use the full available time allotted.  Check your work if you finish early.  Check for careless mistakes.   This is the best time to go over everything to make sure you have chosen appropriately.

Be Prepared.  Study and know the topics you are expected to be tested on.   Mentally study and ask yourself questions that you think might be asked on the test/quiz.  If you don't know something, you need to go over it until you do.

Get all the Details.  Ask the teacher for the format of the test/quiz.  Don't go into the test without knowing beforehand everything you need to know.  Contact the teacher prior to the test and ask those questions.  If there is any study group, participate in it.  Find out what you need to know from friends and classmates.