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Give Your Child an Edge: Hire an Online Math Tutor
January 28, 2011 by Terry VanNoy  | 

So your child is taking a math class and has hit a wall.  Frustration rears up and blocks them from working through the challenge and they don’t know how to find some immediate help.  They feel like quitting, and don’t know where to turn.  What is a parent of a struggling math student to do about it?

If left untreated this situation often turns into math anxiety.  Now your child really feel s stupid and starts to look for ways to avoid the pain by not turning in their assignments, not participating in class, not asking questions to help them understand.  The truth is that there is no “quick” way out.  Math is a series of skill-based steps that take practice, support, and dedication.  Students today sometimes get the idea that you have to be able to come up with the answers instantly.  Those that “get it” must have some magic gift or birthright to mathematical genius.

Neither of these myths is true, although it is tempting to believe them.  Kids in school seem to be surrounded by friends and family who also struggled in their math classes in the past, and are sure to reinforce the idea that math is mysterious and impossible to master.

It’s time to help them regain their confidence and overcome this challenge by taking an active role.  If your child isn’t up to seeing their classroom teacher outside of class, or won’t admit that they have to develop new study habits, then it’s time to hire a tutor. 

Although some families opt for hiring a face-to-face tutor, or going to a learning center, or meeting in a public place, this is not the best option for many.

A great number of struggling math students just need a change of learning environment, and one that leverages their comfort zone and engagement with technology.  Some kids would still be uncomfortable sitting down at the same table to work on some math problems face to face with a tutor.  Just going to YouTube or some other site and viewing instructional videos for homework help isn’t enough, either.

When hiring a live, personal online math tutor, parents are taking advantage of the fact that students today are very comfortable sitting in front of a computer screen.  It is an engaging experience, and non-threatening.  Working on screen with a teacher who is experienced in learning styles and really knows the concepts of the lesson can direct the discussion in a highly targeted way.  There won’t be any wasted time going over things that the student already understands or isn’t ready to handle.  There is a feeling of safety and willingness to participate when kids can go online and communicate live with their teacher.  They don’t have to compete with the questions of others, and get real time answers to what isn’t making sense at the time.  A great online math teacher knows how to interact conversationally with their students, allowing them to feel comfortable in showing their understanding.  It is instant feedback, and instant success.

So, when parents are ready to look for this kind of educational support for their children, they need to find a tutor who is comfortable online, can use the communication tools effectively, and has a great deal of professional teaching experience.  If you and your child can work out a regular, consistent schedule of online learning sessions, you will see an amazing turnaround.  Success is just a mouse click away!