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I recommend Quizlet. My students have been benefiting from the app for years. It’s ideal for middle school thru college. [...] Read More
Posted by Mr. J
Nov 25, 2022
Medical Coding , learning to use your coding books, reading your guidelines to prepare for the exam. [...] Read More
Posted by Sylvia Peralta
Aug 14, 2021
Ever find yourself looking at a question on a test or homework assignment and thinking, "man, we just went over this today but I just can't remember!" Well, a helpful place to star [...] Read More
Posted by Kirby Mitchell
Mar 27, 2019
As a homeschool teacher and tutor for kids/teens in-person and online, one of my specializations is working with children and teens who have difficulty with understanding math, ret [...] Read More
Posted by Nicole Caldwell
Jan 28, 2019
Making a sticker picture can be a fun way for your child to work on language skills. What I like to do is buy a pack of stickers that relate to a child's interest, and give the chi [...] Read More
Posted by Nicole Caldwell
Jan 13, 2019
There is no "cookie cutter" way in teaching. Each student learns differently so as an instructor you educate students based on how they learn most effectively. [...] Read More
Posted by Serena Rudd
Aug 29, 2018
https://www.allstarstutoring.net/single-post/2017/11/10/Helping-with-your-child%E2%80%99s-academic-learning-at-home---Part-One     [...] Read More
Posted by Linda Douglass
Jan 2, 2018
If your child is always asking you how to spell words they have written countless times already, and if they have trouble writing their wonderful thoughts and ideas [...] Read More
Aug 15, 2017
Many times we get that rush when we are finished with a piece of homework or a long project.  We know we wrote brilliantly.  There is no need to reread..or is there? Eve [...] Read More
Mar 30, 2017
For students of all ages, math continues to be one of the toughest subjects to learn and master. Just the thought of the subject plants negative thoughts into many students’ [...] Read More
Aug 23, 2016
Let me give you 4 reasons why your child should improve his or her math skills this summer: Your child may need a recap of what he or she has studied in the previous school year [...] Read More
Aug 2, 2016
Have you ever had a test to prep for and not known where to start? My ROPES technique will remedy this problem by giving a step-by-step process that you can use for any test t [...] Read More
Posted by Blake Kiernan
Jan 9, 2016
PhysioCareCenter’s VOILA Method BLOGLooking at Things Differently Series by Joel Crandall - Kinesiologist & Exercise Physiologist.MOVEMENT: MOVE through Structure not Mus [...] Read More
Posted by Joel Crandall
Jan 2, 2016
10 Habits of Successful Students Get Organized. Making a plan for what you're going to do and when you're going to do it will make sure you're always ahead of the curve - litera [...] Read More
Posted by Darlyne Perez
Aug 7, 2015
This Tip is Modified from an Edutopia Article (link below) and is my personal view on why Technology should be an INTEGRAL part of education in any grade level.  Most public [...] Read More
Posted by Kelly Flower
Jul 10, 2015
Anytime i hear ANY muscle causing another muscle dysfunction success the Obliques are main cause of abdominal dysfunction, I cringe. Its OK that they don't know any better as this [...] Read More
Posted by Joel Crandall
Jul 1, 2015
  I have some easy tips that I have learned over the years, and helped other students with that helped them to achieve an grade A paper. 1. The first tip I have is to write [...] Read More
Posted by Christine Walsh
Jul 1, 2015
Math can be fun and EVERYONE can do it! Some learn differently than others. Having a tutor in math can help students realize they can do math and understand it! A good math tutor a [...] Read More
Jun 16, 2015
Museums, nature hikes, summer recreation camp, working with dad and day trips visiting family members..those were my summers as a young adolescent. I don't have fond memories of co [...] Read More
Jun 13, 2015
Before you start to tutor a child get to know the level of the child by giving a diagnostic test either by paper or orally. Make it fun  [...] Read More
Posted by Sashoi Green
Jun 7, 2015
On a sheet of computer paper or blank paper with no lines write all information for upcoming test in condensed chuncks. In order to create this "cheat sheet" think of your teacher [...] Read More
Posted by Rachel Gill
May 12, 2015
Many of the children I tutor have very low self-confidence when they begin.  After a session or two they realize that they know and are capable of much more than they thought. [...] Read More
Posted by Dana Watkins
May 5, 2015
Not all learning environments set students up to succeed. The key is to identify what learning style works best for you, then use this understanding about yourself to shape your st [...] Read More
Posted by Deanna Piowaty
Apr 18, 2015
Movement dysfunction causes brief momentary loss NeuroMuscular control which can lead to Pain & Injury due to the body adapting and compensating for the loss of Equilibrium. & [...] Read More
Posted by Joel Crandall
Apr 14, 2015
FIND THE MOVEMENT DYSFUNCTION WHICH CAUSES THE BRIEF LOSS OF NEUROMUSCULAR CONTROL "Your brain then compares the signals from the inputs and when there is a disagreement between t [...] Read More
Posted by Joel Crandall
Apr 4, 2015
Teaching by giving Practical and Applied Examples. [...] Read More
Posted by Nasir Ali
Feb 10, 2015
It is important to start your test prep tutoring VERY early if you really want to do well. REMEMBER that the ACT test includes trigonometry and also has an optional essay component [...] Read More
Nov 5, 2014
http://www.sparknotes.com [...] Read More
Posted by Robert Stein
Nov 1, 2014
While teaching people English that were based in Asian countries I found that a common problem was that becuase they do not use there lips to form their languages as English speake [...] Read More
Oct 17, 2014
a language learning takes long time, may be years to learn and advance, so never give up, it will come by listening, reading writing, watching movies, programs, and using it whenev [...] Read More
Posted by halimo fahimo
Oct 11, 2014
Client Responsibilities · Attend class, take notes, and do (or attempt to do) assigned work. Remember, your teacher is your primary source of information. Your tutor can he [...] Read More
Posted by Judith Williams
Aug 13, 2014
The Tutor Code We do...  · explain concepts that students have difficulty understanding.· use alternate methods and examples to explain content and help studen [...] Read More
Posted by Judith Williams
Aug 13, 2014
On Test Day Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a healthy breakfast Many teachers report that students who don't do well on tests haven't gotten enough sleep, [...] Read More
Posted by Judith Williams
Aug 13, 2014
I highly recommend that all Members of Private Tutor Directory™ regularly log into their Member Profiles and use the Account Dashboard to keep their information current. [...] Read More
Posted by Stu
Jun 27, 2014
Summer provides an excellent opportunity for students to improve learning skills and strategies!  Freedom from the rigorous expectations of the classroom gives a private tutor [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
May 18, 2014
When trying to find the right exposure in a complex scene try spot metering the sky. If the sky is blue then meter at 0 compensation, if the sky is overcst then meter at +1 compens [...] Read More
Posted by Thomas Hall
Mar 2, 2014
Often students just need more time to practice with guided support.  An experienced tutor can make the difference and inspire a child toward mastery! [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Feb 14, 2014
Are the Common Core Assessments stressing your child?  Many accomplished students are struggling with the rigorous standards that have been established for the national educat [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Feb 5, 2014
Whenever you don't feel like doing something, give yourself a little positive reinforcement by taking it bit by bit.   For example, an essay. I loathe entirely some I still [...] Read More
Posted by Samantha King
Jan 19, 2014
Don't wait until junior year to begin college planning. Selecting the right curriculum, or course of study, in 9th grade is esential to the application process. Success is a journe [...] Read More
Posted by Morgan
Jan 2, 2014
The holidays are usually a time to relax.  But don't get too comfortable.  Goofing off for the entire holiday may lead to slippage--that is you may forget some of the con [...] Read More
Dec 31, 2013
Sometimes you can improve your grades by getting organized.  Do have a calendar and a way to keep track of tasks?  For example, you can use Google to manage your upcoming [...] Read More
Dec 30, 2013
You know what, being smart is rarely a natural talent.  Most people have to work hard at it.  The following resource changed my life when I was a teen.  I was faced [...] Read More
Dec 24, 2013
Never cram for an exam, you will only hurt yourself in the end. Keep studying throughout the course and test yourself. Flash cards are very helpful. Keep them in weird places like [...] Read More
Posted by Kelly Tonnesen
Dec 9, 2013
The key with subjects such as math or science is to create a good study habit. After class sit down and work through some problems or reread a section taught during class. Keep doi [...] Read More
Posted by Kelly Tonnesen
Dec 9, 2013
Parents/Guardians, homework time is not the time for Simon Says: If your child begins to cry and/or scream before, but PARTICULARLY during homework time do not follow sui [...] Read More
Nov 7, 2013
During reading - activate prior knowledge  Visualize Make connection summarize put yourself in story Retell teach somone else Organize ideas in graphic organizer [...] Read More
Posted by kapila Bhuta
Oct 27, 2013
I recommend the book:   "Getting Around The Bass"   http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Around-Bass-Josh-Needleman/dp/0615909035/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387053646&s [...] Read More
Posted by Josh Needleman
Oct 21, 2013
Learning to read,write and speak. English or Spanish.  [...] Read More
Posted by Alma Ortiz
Oct 14, 2013
Maybe you have heard a professor say "good writing is re-writing."  It is true.  Make an effort to finish your paper several days before it is due and then give it a rest [...] Read More
Posted by Grace Williams
Oct 7, 2013
One of the most important things when learning a foreign language is to not be afraid to speak.  We are often afraid of making mistakes or sounding funny, etc.  But if yo [...] Read More
Posted by Grace Williams
Oct 7, 2013
A few tips when engaging in a new learning process:   1. Do not take yourself too seriously. It is important to keep a positive inner dialogue when met with the challenges o [...] Read More
Posted by Adrianna Voss
Oct 1, 2013
To many times a child dsoesn't or is afraid in the classroom because they lack confidence.  They don't feel secure encough to ask a question in fear that they might be looked [...] Read More
Posted by Sharon Joffey
Oct 1, 2013
Write neatly and legibly when doing homework.When doing math homework, use a pencil and have a big eraser on-hand! One of a teacher's biggest "downers" is receiving homework that i [...] Read More
Posted by Scott Brackney
Sep 27, 2013
The very hardest chapter in an introductory physics textbook is the first one. Students are suddenly, violently confronted with a seemingly unending barrage of new concepts and pro [...] Read More
Sep 24, 2013
Do you want to set yourself up for a day full of learning?  Eat breakfast!Breakfast is a simple, and tasty, way to ensure that you will have the brain power and energy to lear [...] Read More
Posted by E.A.B.
Sep 21, 2013
Carefully design your homework area to get positive results! Is it near a caregiver who can help if student has a question? Is the area quiet and free of distractions? Is ta [...] Read More
Posted by Ann Henderson
Sep 19, 2013
http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/wandertips/language/6-tips-for-learning-a-new-language/ The first steps to learning a foreign language actually don’t involve speaking. You [...] Read More
Posted by Sylvain Bauge
Sep 16, 2013
The test taker must have prepared for the test according to the learning style that is most efficient and effective.  For every individual, that is slightly different.   [...] Read More
Sep 16, 2013
The brain does not remember entire context.  It creates events by neural mapping of bits and pieces of information it has already stored.  On a test, it must take new inf [...] Read More
Sep 16, 2013
Hello,   With over 36 years of experience working in a public school district in all grade levels and with students with a wide variety of learning challenges, I am a perfec [...] Read More
Posted by Andrea Connally
Sep 15, 2013
Studying can be demanding and draining.  One way to stay fresh during this time is to study for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and then stop.  Get up and move around and [...] Read More
Posted by Cathy Rodriguez
Sep 14, 2013
When you are writing any assignment, whether it is a book report or an essay, be sure to follow the teacher's instructions and then edit or check over your rough draft (first copy) [...] Read More
Posted by Debbie Conover
Sep 11, 2013
Learning is meant to be a fulfilling experience that you can build on. If you are anxious about taking a test or writing a paper, take a deep breath and relax. Prepare for the even [...] Read More
Posted by Mark Winkle
Sep 11, 2013
ALT + F4. What does it do? If you hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and press the F4 key (located on the uppermost row of keys on your keyboard), you will essentially be closi [...] Read More
Posted by Tara Grey
Sep 8, 2013
Do you like doing something that's hard!  Playing a game that involves reading is an engaging way to encourage reluctant readers to practice skills! [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Sep 8, 2013
Does your child struggle memorizing facts?  Try music to facilitate learning..  Select a well-known melody and add rhyming lyrics that review subject content. Email me f [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Sep 7, 2013
Does your child resist homework or studying for a test?   Have you heard from teachers and others that your child is bright but lazy?   Engagement in academics is a c [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Sep 5, 2013
When learning multiplication there are many visual aids and techniques to help the students learn, but somtimes they still want to grab a calulator and get the answer the fast and [...] Read More
Posted by Micayla D
Aug 25, 2013
Awesome iPad Tip: Pull the onscreen keyboard to the sides of the iPad with your thumbs to split the keys for easier typing! Works with iPad Mini too.   [...] Read More
Posted by Tara Grey
Aug 4, 2013
The development of the ability to write coherent, well-organized essays and research papers is a skill that will pay off through to the college years. Middle school students should [...] Read More
Posted by KATE A.
Oct 26, 2012
You must work hundreds of problems. The more you work, the better you become. There are no shortcuts. You have to put in the time and effort. [...] Read More
Posted by KATE A.
Oct 20, 2012
Work and re-work the information in multiple ways: anticipate essay questions from your notes and write the answers in advance; create timelines and comparative charts of historica [...] Read More
Posted by KATE A.
Oct 20, 2012
Specializing in elementary and middle school academic support.   Each individual is an unique learner with individual differences. My practice guides struggling stud [...] Read More
Posted by Barbara Tirado
Aug 21, 2012
We have to remember that in the critical reading/verbal section of the SAT, most students will NOT know 90% of the vocabulary words they encounter. In an era where students say to [...] Read More
Feb 13, 2012
Reading, writing and arithmetic are the three most essential skills your child needs to master.  Schools spend a lot of time on literacy, making sure children can read so they [...] Read More
Posted by Canaa Lee
Jan 31, 2012
Many people have contacted me about online tutoring.  It is the new fad, but is it right for you?  Are you easily distracted?  Do you find it easier to zone out when [...] Read More
Posted by Sam Lashlee
Oct 23, 2011
I would strongly suggest finding someone who is well versed in SAT essay writing.  Simple mistakes can lead to a large deduction in points.  Students who forget to answer [...] Read More
Posted by Sam Lashlee
Oct 23, 2011
A very common obstacle to any student’s success with their math class is allowing math fear to affect how they handle homework assignments.  When it comes to the point o [...] Read More
Posted by Terry VanNoy
Mar 29, 2011
Input is foundational to learning anything. So often we spend excessive time testing a child’s knowledge before he has had an opportunity to actually learn the information. W [...] Read More
Posted by Maggie Dail
Feb 18, 2011
THREE KEY WORDS - FREQUENCY, DURATION AND INTENSITY: By providing short, frequent lessons with high intensity individuals learn more quickly. Many activities that form the Individu [...] Read More
Posted by Maggie Dail
Feb 18, 2011
As an adult, student, or parent, it is common to experience a lack of confidence in dealing with numbers.  This common problem many times gets blown out of proportion and can [...] Read More
Posted by Terry VanNoy
Feb 10, 2011
Anti-math bias is a prevalent problem in our culture today.  The attitude that math is hard, math is not worthy of study at higher level, that not everyone can be naturally s [...] Read More
Posted by Terry VanNoy
Jan 31, 2011
So your child is taking a math class and has hit a wall.  Frustration rears up and blocks them from working through the challenge and they don’t know how to find some im [...] Read More
Posted by Terry VanNoy
Jan 28, 2011
My students have told me often that in the upper elementary school years, 4th or 5th grade, they started to learn Algebra.  Usually, this memory evokes shudders of pain.  [...] Read More
Posted by Terry VanNoy
Jan 25, 2011
rather than learn & retain vocabulary using a list or flashcards...create a foldable...there are many resources online that offer a fresh spin on the dreaded VOCABULARY LIST!! [...] Read More
Posted by Lauren Ackerman
Mar 25, 2010
I tutor privately outside of Hebrew Schools for Bar/BatMitzvah.  My book, COMING OF AGE, illustrates my success in this field.  I have officiated in over 226 services!&nb [...] Read More
Posted by Gary Chattman
Jan 25, 2010
I coach students primarily in reading,  preferably of high school age, who require some level of one-on-one assistance. Thus, my 1st Tutor Tip is, if your high schooler has di [...] Read More
Posted by Edward Nabors
Jan 24, 2010
I am a fluent Danish speaker and have spent the last several years living (on and off) in Denmark and studying the language. I can teach Danish at most levels. I live in the Bath a [...] Read More
Posted by Sarah Neilson
Jan 23, 2010
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCVDO39a60c   [...] Read More
Posted by Joel Crandall
Jan 21, 2010
What type of Stretching is Best?   Active Isolated Stretching is the only flexibility program that is based on the Laws and principles of the body.  Works synergistically [...] Read More
Posted by Joel Crandall
Jan 21, 2010
Many times I find myself called in at the last moment with just a few days (maybe a week or two if lucky) to assist a student before a major exam.  Though my experiences with [...] Read More
Posted by Joanne Massi
Dec 30, 2009
It is best to start the college search and application process by the middle of junior year. The initial college list, testing strategy, teacher recommendation choices, and resume [...] Read More
Posted by Kris Hintz
Nov 29, 2009
When studying for an exam chunking information into smaller parts makes it easier to recall . For example, when reviewing for a history test create a graphic organizer which d [...] Read More
Posted by Kevin
Apr 8, 2009
First and foremost, a child MUST have a clear understanding of the basic concepts in math. This means, for example, that your child will understand why REGROUPING is needed wh [...] Read More
Mar 22, 2009
1. Increase Energy 2. Burn More Calories at Rest 3. Improve Your Appearance 4. Be Able to Withstand Stress 5. Decrease Risk of Illness 6. Speed Up Recovery From Injury 7. [...] Read More
Posted by Dane
Mar 2, 2009
As a quick suggestion for conic sections - if you can complete the square for an equation in general form...... I would suggest making a quick sketch of the graph using the coordin [...] Read More
Posted by Joe Perlman
Feb 28, 2009
When you are usings the order of operations in Math, usually introduced in 6th grade there is a trick. Just remember PEMDAS P-parenthesis E-exponents M-multiply D-divide A-add S- s [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
Feb 21, 2009
There is a great website that helps your child with his or her study skills. http://www.testtakingtips.com I have looked at many and this gives a lot of tips including student anxi [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
Feb 19, 2009
Alice bought m pens for n dollars each, and Ben bought n pens for m dollars each. Which of the following is the average price per pen, in dollars, for all the pens that Alice and [...] Read More
Posted by Gail Kaufmann
Jan 16, 2009
Every teacher has a their own method for doing a formal proof. Some tell you to put all the givens in at one shot then work with the picture and the givens to make a proof. A good [...] Read More
Posted by Joe Perlman
Dec 16, 2008
Your online profile on PrivateTutorDirectory.com works to gain you new students in 2 ways. 1. Visitors to PrivateTutorDirectory.com can find you using our Tutor Search, filter [...] Read More
Posted by Bill Thode
Dec 9, 2008
Another way to help a child understand and comprehend what he or she is reading is by having them read and then at the end of a chapter or a few pages write what they have read ab [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
Dec 1, 2008
If a child loses his or her place during reading there is help.  A good way to help is to give them an index card and have them place it under the line that they are reading.& [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
Dec 1, 2008
A good way to help and reinforce math for a child is to play games with them and follow up with a reading about the topic in math they are learning about.  If they are learnin [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
Dec 1, 2008
While reading use post its and make predictions (educated guesses) about what is going to happen next in a story. It helps you know and understand what you have read and it's fun t [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
Dec 1, 2008
Always, always remember to make every sentence refer, in some way, to the topic.  Never go off on a tangent. [...] Read More
Posted by Helena
Oct 23, 2008
“How to Write a DBQ Essay”I.   IntroductionA.)  It should begin with a topic sentenceB.)  It should provide background information to “set the [...] Read More
Posted by Vanessa
Oct 21, 2008
GOOD READERS MAKE CONNECTIONS…Text-to-self:What does this remind me of in my life? What is this similar to in my life? How is this different from my life? Has something like [...] Read More
Posted by Kristen
Oct 7, 2008
Always read directions carefully.Never spend too much time on any one question because you may limit the time you have to complete the whole test/exam.Always use the "Process [...] Read More
Oct 4, 2008